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What is Drip Edge Protection?

A lot of the time when we’re doing roof repairs or a reroof, we see that the contractor who installed the roof decided not to install drip edge. If you’re going to cut corners as a roofing contractor, little things like drip edge are going to be ignored. But you need drip edge! We’ve seen […]

What is a Sawtooth Roof?

The sawtooth roof has been seeing a revival lately. Once it was the standard roof for a factory or mill, but because of the ample amount of daylight they let in, the sawtooth roof a popular choice for eco-conscious homebuilders. The profile of this roof looks like a row of tents leaning against each other, […]

Tar and Gravel Roof Guide

Tar and Gravel Flat Roofing Guide You don’t have to be a construction expert to notice that there are a lot of different styles of buildings. The preferred styles of homes and business change from decade to decade and vary by region. For one, tar and gravel flat roofs gained popularity in the 50’s and 60’s, […]

The Best Ways to De-ice Your Roof

Have you looked at your roof this winter? Maybe your roof has a thick row of icicles hanging off it. Maybe your downspout has a frozen stream splashing down onto your snowy yard. You might even have a thick ridge of ice running along your eaves. If so, you are going to need to do […]

What is a Dutch Gable Roof?

Dutch gable roofs are a type of hip roof that combine a hip roof with a gable roof. It has four downward sloping sides and is topped with a gable roof, also called a gablet. This style of roof came from Europe in the 14th to 17th centuries, but since these roofs offer great protection […]

5 Places Where Your House Loses the Most Heat

Every house leaks a little heat, that’s just a fact of life. But some houses leak so much heat that it makes a significant impact on your energy consumption, especially in the winter. That’s not great for your wallet or your direct environment because over 40% of Alberta’s energy comes from burning coal. In this […]

What is a Mansard Roof?

The mansard roof is also called a French roof and it is similar to a hip roof. Mansard roofs have four sloped sides where each side is divided in two with the lower sections having a steeper pitch. This style of roof was common in during the French Renaissance in the 1600s and parts of […]

Eavestroughs: Are Yours Effective?

Are Your Eavestroughs Effective? Eavestroughs! They might not be the most exciting subject in the world, but we’re going to tell you why they’re important and how to tell if they are in good working order. Maybe they need fixing? Maybe they’re in great condition and you’ll learn a little bit about how important they […]

What is a Saltbox Roof?

The saltbox roof was at the height of their popularity in the Colonial era when Europeans were beginning to colonize North America. This type of roof is asymmetrical and has only two sides. The smaller side has a low slope and the larger side has an even lower slope so as to be almost flat, giving […]