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Roof Repair Versus Roof Replacement for Shingle Roofs

Over time, all roofs sustain some form of damage. The level of…

Signs Your Flat Roof May Need to Be Replaced

In certain situations, flat roofs are more advantageous than…
green roof living roofing grass roof

Commercial Green Roofing in Edmonton

In the Edmonton and Strathcona County construction scene, green…
roof condensation damaged roof deck frost rot

Condensation in the Attic Causing “Leaks”

Is your roof leaking? You may see the telltale signs of water…
solar power renewable energy

Solar Power Trends for 2017

Solar power is a growing trend. More and more people are looking…
roof heater cables attached to the edge of the roof.

Are Roof Heater Cables Worth it?

Ice and snow are givens in Alberta’s cold, cold winters, and…
tesla solar roof tiles

What's the Big Deal about Elon Musk's Solar Roof Tiles?

Elon Musk, the creator of affordable, efficient electric cars…
Jerkinhead roof houzz roofing

What is a Jerkinhead Roof?

A jerkinhead roof looks like a gable roof with clipped peaks,…
can see drip edge along the edges

What is Drip Edge Protection?

A lot of the time when we’re doing roof repairs or a reroof,…
sawtooth roof

What is a Sawtooth Roof?

The sawtooth roof has been seeing a revival lately. Once it was…

Tar and Gravel Roof Guide

Tar and Gravel Flat Roofing Guide You don’t have to be a construction…
ice melter needed how to

The Best Ways to De-ice Your Roof

Have you looked at your roof this winter? Maybe your roof has…

What is a Dutch Gable Roof?

Dutch gable roofs are a type of hip roof that combine a hip roof…
Homes lose lots of heat and need good insulation.

5 Places Where Your House Loses the Most Heat

Every house leaks a little heat, that’s just a fact of life.…
mansard roof residential home

What is a Mansard Roof?

The mansard roof is also called a French roof and it is similar…
gutters need to be replaced

Eavestroughs: Are Yours Effective?

Are Your Eavestroughs Effective? Eavestroughs! They might not…
cape cod traditional saltbox roof

What is a Saltbox Roof?

The saltbox roof was at the height of their popularity in the…
ice dam image courtesy of Graphic is courtesy of our partners at the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) at www.disastersafety.org

Ice Dams: How to Prevent Ice Dams from Ruining your Roof!

Don’t Let Ice Dams Ruin Your Roof! Many things can be terrible…
curved roof roofing types

What is a Curved Roof?

Curved roofs are a newer roof design where the intention is to…

Solar Power: Should You Add Home Solar Panels?

Interested in Adding Solar Panels to Your House? There’s been…
Spray in attic insulation

Why Adding Attic Insulation is a Smart Idea

Living in Alberta means we all depend on natural gas and coal…
St Albert - Grandin Village - Town homes - Vents

Roof Shingles Before and After: The Grandin Village Project Story

Recently we got a call from the property management company of…

What Happens if it Rains During Roof Repairs?

As roofers, we don’t work during the rain except when doing…
flat roof sbs system

Flat Roof Fires: Beware Shady Roofing Companies that Lack Proper Insurance!

Roofing is one of the most dangerous jobs in Canada. On the Globe…
san francisco butterfly roof

What is a Butterfly Roof?

The type of roof that is V-shaped, resembling a butterfly, is…
Prevent roof fire

What You Need to Know About Fire Hazards to Your Roof

In an old investigation that was published way back in 1958,…

Trees can be Terrible for Your Roof

Lovely, majestic trees can be a major selling point for a property,…
flat roof in Sherwood Park

What is a Flat Roof?

The name "flat roof" suggests that this type of roof is, well,…

Getting Your Roof Re-shingled? Here are Answers and Options for Shingles

No doubt about it, Alberta summer is the best time to get work…
pyramid roof

What is a Pyramid Roof?

A pyramid roof is easy to recognize because it looks exactly…
sbs roofing application on a flat roof

Guide to SBS Membrane Roofing Material

The most popular options for flat roofing material are tar and…
shed skillion roof green roofing

What is a Skillion/Shed Roof

Skillion, mono-pitched roof, lean-to roof, pent roof, and shed…

How your Roof's Drainage Systems Work to Prevent Water Damage

Proper water drainage is absolutely vital to the lifespan of…

Summer Project: Half Moon Lake Re-roofing

  This summer we're working on some homes in Half Moon…
EPDM from Firestone installed in a flat roof.

Guide to EPDM Roofing Material

If you have a low-sloped or flat roofed structure and you’re…
flat roof repair

Steve’s Flat Farmhouse Roof Repair

Steve’s home is located northwest of Edmonton, Alberta just…