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What’s the Big Deal about Elon Musk’s Solar Roof Tiles?

Elon Musk, the creator of affordable, efficient electric cars and the brains behind the Tesla brand, is focusing on solar power. His big revelation this month was solar roof tiles, and it’s kind of a big deal.

When it comes to renewable energy, Mr. Musk is at the forefront of technology. His mission is to make the world a more environmentally friendly place. Ideally, he’d like the average person to produce less waste, make less of an impact on the planet, and be self-sufficient.

He started with electric cars, which have gotten rave reviews. Next his focus was on electricity storage, and he started making lithium batteries that were cheaper and better than ever before. But after cars and batteries, people wondered what the next big thing was… Nobody expected it to be roofing materials!

Cars, Batteries, and Now Roofing? What’s Up With That?

It makes perfect sense when you think about it. If your roof collects energy that you can use to power batteries that power your home and your car, it’s all connected! No other power source is more reliable. Coal and natural gas are finite resources. Wind doesn’t always blow and wave or water power aren’t options for land-locked Albertans.

Solar power is the only reliable option for sustainable energy in the world. Elon smartly developed technology to help the average person tap into it! From a roofing company’s perspective, it’s a very exciting concept. For one, Crest Roofing is all about quality, workmanship, and functionality. We want to give you the best roof we can.

If Elon Musk’s solar roof tiles are the way of the future, we want to be able to install them for you. The company that makes them isn’t rolling out the tiles for the general public until 2017, but here are a few reasons you should consider getting his solar tiles in the future.

These Roofs Look GREAT!

The models he’s showcased are made to mimic the look of high-end roofing materials like clay shingles, terra cotta, and slate. While those aren’t the materials the average homeowner gets their roof done in, they are the ones that last a long time and look great.

That said, your Tesla roof tiles aren’t going to stick out like a sore thumb against your neighbours. They blend in perfectly and you can’t even tell that they’re solar tiles from the street.
Solar City will be starting production in 2017.

They are INCREDIBLY durable!

The official word is that these solar roof tiles are as durable as asphalt shingles. They can be walked on and stand up to the elements just as well as comparable roofing materials.

There’s even a very entertaining video where a 5lb weight is dropped on a selection of roofing materials to show how strong they are.

Now For the Thing We All Care About: Is It Going To Be Affordable?

Ok, so now that you’re getting excited about solar roofs. They could potentially power your home, your car, and all your electronic devices. The question on everyone’s mind is …. “Is this going to be affordable?”

Well, they’re aiming for affordability. Company reps are saying that their solar roofs are going to be priced to cost less than an equivalent roof type when utility bill savings are factored in. But the types of roofing materials they’ve shown are mostly high-end materials like slate, terra cotta, and Tuscan clay. Those are on the higher end of the budget when you’re getting your roof redone.

So if you’re budgeting for a high-end roof, these solar roof tiles would be a good choice! But most of our residential roofing customers aren’t going for high-end. They’re looking at asphalt shingles, which make up about 90% of the homes we do.

Final Thoughts on the Solar Roof Tiles

As a forward-thinking company, we will embrace any new technology that our customers want. It’s likely that we would offer solar roof tile installations if they become mainstream. It’s great that there are pioneers like Elon Musk out there to steer society in a direction toward the greater good, but time will tell.

For all your roofing needs, Crest Roofing is there to help you. Whether it’s roof repairs, adding insulation to your attic, shoveling snow off your business, or installing a new tar and gravel roof, we’ve got you covered.

Give us a call to get started at (780) 466-1601, send us an email or fill out a contact form. We’d love to hear from you and have our roofing experts answer your questions.

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