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Steve’s Flat Farmhouse Roof Repair

Steve’s home is located northwest of Edmonton, Alberta just past Morinville. He owns farmhouse with a tar and gravel roof that was at least 25 years old, which is a decent lifespan for that type of roof.

It wasn’t just that the roof was old that made Steve want to have his roof looked at. Stains had formed on the ceiling from leaks under the roof. When Steve went up on his roof to take a look, he noticed that the whole roof looked very weathered, there were blisters on the roof, and when he went to walk on it, he actually fell right through!

Luckily Steve didn’t suffer any major injuries from falling through his roof, but that’s not always the case. Some cuts on the feet and legs are minor compared to an English scaffolder who fell through a roof and suffered “life-changing injuries.” (You can find the full story here.)

How To Tell If You Need Roof Repairs

The weakness of Steve’s roof was a clear sign that it needed fixing, but sometimes it’s not as easy to tell. Here are some symptoms, other than falling through, that may mean you need to repair/replace your tar and gravel roof:

  • Bare patches of roofing felt or tar
  • Cracks in the tar of the bare patches
  • Speckling from mold or mildew on the ceiling inside your house
  • Water stains
  • Holes or blisters

After inspecting the roof, we recommended he do a re-roof on the second storey of his home, and some patches on the first storey.

We can’t guarantee patching, but we have a 5-year workmanship guarantee on our work and a 15-year limited residential warranty on a new roof, so we agreed on a new SBS Roofing System for the second storey section of the roof where it was more damaged and some patching on the second storey.

Before pic 3

Before pic 4

Doing the Roof Repair Job

With the agreement written out and signed, we scheduled a time to go out and fix up Steve’s roof. The job took a crew of four of our skilled roofers: a journeyman, an apprentice, and two labourers.

As experienced roofing professionals, even though we were working with both SBS and tar and gravel, this wasn’t an unusual job, and it only took about a week to do the repairs and the re-roofing.

We used

  • Roof Rippers
  • Hammers and nails
  • Torches
  • Torch-down T-180-cap for second ply
  • 1/2 inch FR board base sheet

Once the job is done we like to stay in contact with our clients and come back periodically to inspect the roof. This is a good idea for any roof, not just one that was recently repaired because regular maintenance can really extend the life of your roof.

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