What Happens if it Rains During Roof Repairs?

As roofers, we don’t work during the rain except when doing emergency repairs (because when water is coming in during a rainstorm, you want the leaking to stop yesterday). Perfect roofing weather is between 15-20 degrees with no chance of rain. If it does rain, moisture can get between plies on a flat roof or between the felt and the shingles and shorten your roof’s lifespan.

We Always Keep an Eye on the Weather

To ensure that we don’t get caught in the rain, we keep a very close watch on the weather. If it looks like there’s going to be rain, we contact our clients to let them know that it’s possible we might have to postpone. But if it’s overcast with a low chance of rain, we’re good to go.

Here’s What we do With Flat Roofs if it’s Threatening Rain,

When we replace a flat roof, first we have to rip off the old one. We take spades and basically dig up the roof. The old roofing material is removed and put into the waste bin. Rarely we will scrape the roof down and use an asphalt primer to revitalize the roof. Then we put a new membrane overtop.

During all this, we need good weather. You never want to rip up a roof in the rain. If weather looks threatening, we work in sections. Right after we clear away the old roofing material, we make sure to get the first ply (or base membrane) down for that section. We use roofing sealant around all the edges and details, like chimneys, vents, skylights, and fans.

If water got into a tar and gravel roof when we’re installing it, it can blister and crack. We won’t install it unless the conditions are right for it. If that means a delay, so be it. We won’t sacrifice the integrity of your roof just to get the job done.

Here’s What We do if We’re Shingling a House in Rainy Conditions

The first step when we’re shingling a house is tear off the old shingles and underlay, which we won’t do if we know it’s going to rain. Normally we will take off all the shingles on a house in one day. With bigger houses, we work in sections to minimise the chances of being caught in the rain.

Once the shingles are off, we prep the roof and install a synthetic underlay. This synthetic underlay is waterproof and provides a degree of protection. It’s not indestructible and could potentially rip off if it’s super windy, but under normal circumstances, it’s great for keeping out any sudden small showers. Once the underlay is on, the next step is to nail down the shingles to completely seal the roof during any weather conditions.

If it starts raining and the underlay is on, we can just wait out the rain and then keep working. We know that the second we pack up to go, the rain will stop (that’s Edmonton weather for you!).

Here’s What Happens if We’re Doing Roof Repairs in the Rain

We get calls all the time during rainstorms for emergency repairs. If your roof is leaking, you’ll want it to stop as soon as possible. For smaller patches of roofs that need repairs, we use a roof sealant, which is a kind of plastic cement. It keeps out water and can be used during the rain, however this product isn’t meant to last a long time and shouldn’t be used for a full roof repair.

If it’s a long-term or permanent repair, and not just an emergency water damage prevention thing during a rainstorm, the weather should be clear.

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What We Do in the Worst Case Scenario

We try hard to not let the weather get the best of us, but it helps to be prepared! In the case that a rain shower does start suddenly, we carry tarps to keep everything dry while we work.

So Enjoy the Rain and Know that We’ve Got you Covered

So don’t worry about the threat of rain if you’re getting work done on your roof. We keep an eye on the weather and we are prepared for rain if it does come down suddenly. If it’s re-roofing, roof repairs, emergency roofing , or eavestrough installation or maintenance, we have you covered.

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