Why it’s Important to Have Heavy Snow and Ice Removed from Your Roof

Snow and ice buildup can damage your roof, exterior walls and more, which is why it should always be removed. However, snow and ice should only be removed by a professional and before it gets too heavy. Remember that the heavier the load, the more strain it puts on your roof. Heavy snow has even been known to cause roofs to collapse. Roof collapse is catastrophic, but there are even more reasons to prevent snow and ice from building up on your roof this winter.

Prevents Ice Dam Formation

After a snowstorm, ice dams are irritating ice ridges that can form along the edges of your roof. They pose a serious threat to your roof and your home’s structure. For example, ice dams prevent snow from falling off the roof, which can be disastrous. Heat emanating from the attic can melt the snow on your roof, and the water from this melting snow can back up and leak into your home. This can cause damage to the roof, ceiling, insulation, interior walls and floors. Because of their precarious position and the high risk of damage, ice dams should only be removed by professionals.

Protects Against Falling Icicles

It doesn’t matter if they’re large or small, falling icicles can be dangerous. They can potentially injure you, your family and your pets. Icicles on the edges of your roof can be easily removed with a roof rake, but they could also be accompanied by more ice or heavy snow. Removing them incorrectly could cause more ice or heavy snow to come tumbling down. Additionally, waiting for them to melt away could prove disastrous for your family or your roof’s flashing. So, if large or many icicles form on the edges of your roof, call a professional for immediate removal.

Prevents Moisture Damage

Heat from your home’s attic can melt the snow on your roof, but freezing temperatures can cause it to freeze before it passes through the gutters. Ice can cause gutters to collapse or clog them. So, other water from melting snow can back up and seep into your roof’s structures. For example, water can seep into the shingles and cause moisture damage to the main frame. This damage will eventually lead to small leaks and these small leaks will eventually become big leaks. If this happens, your best course of action is to call a roofer, like our trusted team at Crest Roofing. As one of the most experienced roofing companies in Edmonton, we can remove the snow safely and prevent a potentially costly and dangerous situation.