Preventing Commercial Roofing Disasters

Commercial buildings are more complicated than residential roofing and so the cost is usually higher for repairs and replacements.

Oftentimes, contractors bid for jobs at lower prices to compete for the contract, which can end up resulting in big losses for the customer.

Here’s a recent project gone wrong that highlights the importance of using a good roofing contractor!

Last year we urgently repaired a commercial building roof near Lloydminster AB, which was a job previously done by another company.

Usually it is not possible to save money from PVC mechanically fastened roof systems; however this particular contractor cut significant dollars at the cost of quality.

They pocketed money by not installing 5 ft. sheets of perimeter flashings on the outer roof edges and using ¼ of the fasteners required.

This resulted in serious wind damage. The high wind pressure lifted the roof up.

Also, reusing old metal caps on the edges that detached from the walls caused the roof to blow into the wind.

The minute the fasteners pulled out, the roof self destructed in minutes.

The roofing contractor got involved in a lawsuit to cover damages, a huge waste of time and money for the owner.

There are many similar horror stories, so beware of very low bidders!

This goes double for Alberta commercial roofing projects because we live in a very windy place.

We recommend you always consider at least 3 bids before assigning a contractor to your project.