Protecting Your Roof in the Summer

Contrary to popular belief, roofs can be just as susceptible to damage in the summer as they are in the winter. During this time, your roof may be vulnerable to sun damage and dangerous winds, hail or rain from summer storms. This summer, take some precautions to protect your roof. The key is knowing the warning signs and contacting a roofer as soon as damage is detected.


Do Early and Late Summer Inspections

It can be beneficial to check your roof for damage at the beginning and end of the summer. These inspections can help safeguard against the inclement weather of the coming seasons. Plus, early detection can protect against further damage. This effectively prevents small repairs from becoming major repairs. Have your roof checked for missing, worn or damaged shingles, gutters or flashing, water leakage and hail damage. Make sure the roofer checks the exterior and interior of the roof for structural issues, the drains and gutters for proper drainage and the ceiling and walls for signs of water damage.


Always Inspect After a Major Storm

Major storms can cause major damage, especially when they’re accompanied by strong wind and hail, so it’s important to check for roof damage after inclement weather. Thunderstorms and tornadoes can be sudden and brutal, not only causing immediate damage, but also leaving your roof at risk.  These storms damage trees surrounding your home, leading to branches or even the trees themselves falling onto your roof and causing major structural damage. They can also crack domes or skylights. Additionally, hail cracks or break shingles, as well as clogs gutters. Finally, high winds can blow shingles away or blow debris into your gutters or drains. Although checking your roof after a storm can’t prevent damage, it can help you detect damage early, forgo major, costly repairs and guard against additional damage.


Check for Sun Damage

Of course, summer is the sunniest season and roofs don’t have any protection from the sun, making them especially vulnerable to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Fortunately, regular inspections can help manage sun damage. Near the end of the summer, have your roof checked for obvious signs of damage, including, warping, fading and chipping on the shingles, flashing and other structures. Any reputable roofing contractor Edmonton has to offer should be able to fix this damage quickly, efficiently and affordably.


Concerned about your roof and how it will fair this summer? Give us a call for an inspection or to quote a roof repair or replacement.