pyramid roof

What is a Pyramid Roof?

A pyramid roof is easy to recognize because it looks exactly like what it is named after, a pyramid. It is a type of hip roof that has four sides that are all triangle shaped and all slope downward.

They are built onto a square or rectangular frame and are a simple type of roof to construct compared to gambrel, dome, saltbox, or a curved roof. Pyramid roofs are a popular choice for a garage or shed, and they also remain common for bungalows, gazebos, and cottages.


There are a number of reasons why pyramid roofs remain a popular choice when constructing a building.

One of those reasons is that pyramid roofs are easy to insulate, which is very important to homeowners because a well insulated home saves money on heating and cooling.

The slope of a pyramid can also provide room for excellent ventilation, high ceilings, or even attic space.

Good drainage is also a reason to choose a pyramid roof: equal slopes on all sides with no flat surfaces allows for water to drain off no matter which side it falls on.


On the other hand, if a pyramid roof has a small slope, there may not be much room for attic space. Accessing the roof from the inside when repairs or maintenance are needed can be tough too.

Constructing a pyramid roof is also expensive.

Designing is complex and building requires extra materials and man power.

Roofing Materials to Use

Durability of the roofing material should be the main quality you consider when choosing what to cover your pyramid roof with since this type of roof is difficult to do repairs and maintenance on.

Metal roofing is the most durable material and is the easiest to install since it can be purchased in large sheets that can cover entire sides. Metal roofing used to only mean corrugated panels, which weren’t very pretty. Now it is available in styles that look like wood, stone, or clay. You can achieve whatever aesthetic you want without the drawbacks that come along with them.

A couple more benefits to metal roofing is it is fire-resistant. This is important in Alberta because we experience forest fires every year. And for the eco-conscious builder, metal roofing is usually made from recycled materials. You can recycle your roof again when it has outlived its usefulness.

Roofing Materials Not to Use for a Pyramid Roof

High maintenance roofing on a pyramid-style roof should be avoided. A living roof, while pretty, would be impractical. It would put a lot of weight on the roof because of moisture retention and a lack of drainage. That said, living (or green) roofs are rare, but if that’s what you’re after, consider a shed-style roof or flat roof instead.

Pyramid roofs are attractive and durable. If higher construction costs aren’t an issue, this could be a great style of roof for your building.

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