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Roof Shingles Before and After: The Grandin Village Project Story

Recently we got a call from the property management company of some townhomes in St. Albert. The shingles on their roofs were only about 12-15 years old, but they already needed to be replaced. Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material for homes in the Edmonton area, so you might think that you can just buy any kind of shingle and expect it to last a long time.

Unfortunately, that’s just not true. Shingles come in all different qualities and prices, and you get what you pay for. On the Grandin Village townhouses, the shingles were curling severely because of two main reasons:

1) They were shingled with low-quality, builder grade shingles. Builder grade shingles can be as much as half the price of a regular, good-quality shingle, but they are thinner and made with lower-quality materials.

2) The roofs had low slopes, meaning they weren’t very steep. In Edmonton, it’s better to have a steeper roof because snow and ice can easily collect on flat or low-sloped roofs.

Ice and Snow Can Shorten the Life of Your Roof

When snow melts, water gets in and underneath shingles. If that water freezes again, (which happens frequently in the spring) the ice expands and makes the shingles pop up, damaging their waterproof seal. Ice also makes the ceramic granules on shingles fall off.

Those granules are very important! They protect your roof by shielding the asphalt from UV rays, which will disintegrate asphalt and the fibreglass mat underneath it. The sun can also pull the oil in the asphalt to the surface of the shingle, causing it to become brittle and crack and curl. These shingles were organic and made of felt and tar paper, so they got wet, then they curled when they dried. On the low-sloped gable Grandin Village roofs, there is no shade from the sun, just constant exposure.

Re-roofing 20,000 Square Feet of Roof

Luckily the boards underneath the shingles were in good condition, so this re-roof project was just a matter of scraping off the old shingles and adding new ones.

A house roof will take a day or two, but a normal house roof is usually only about 3000 square feet. Those three townhouses had 20,000 square feet of roof, so it took about two weeks to finish. If you’re wondering how big your roof is, you can use a Roofing Calculator to figure it out.

Starting the Re-roofing Project

Before we started on the project, we sent someone out to inspect the roof and draw up a quote. When the new shingles were chosen and the date was set, we had the property management company sign off on it so we could begin work.

Below is an image of the roof before we started working on it.
St Albert - Grandin Village - Town homes - Vents

Starting work involves tearing off the old roofing and underlay in sections that we can finish in a day. On these roofs, we also changed out the old vents for better ones that would perform better and last a long time. We featured the Grandin Village Townhomes in an article we wrote about roofing ventilation, and you can read it here.

Before we lay new shingles, we first need to prep the roof. This includes putting down drip edge protection, then an underlayment of felt and an ice and water shield around the eaves. In this case we put down two layers of felt underlayment and two rows of ice and water shield because of the low slope of the roof. Once we had the proper base layers installed, it was time for the shingles to go on.

Here is a breakdown of the materials we used:

  • Nails and nail guns
  • 36 inch Ice and water guard
  • Drip edge protection
  • Roof rippers to get the shingles off
  • 15lb felt paper
  • shingles
  • vents

We Use High-Quality Shingles for Long-Lasting Roofs

We do high-quality work with high-quality materials because we know that they will last a long time and our customers will love the results. For this project we used the Malarkey Legacy in the colour Sienna Blend, and the end result was a great looking roof that will easily last 20+ years.


The condo board was happy with the colour and the quality of the shingles. They were also happy with the amount of time it took us. There hasn’t been a need for any repairs at all and best yet, they called us back to do more roofing work for them!

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