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What is a Skillion/Shed Roof

Skillion, mono-pitched roof, lean-to roof, pent roof, and shed roof are all names for a style of roof that is simply a single-sloped surface that sits atop a structure like a home, shed, or business.

This type of roof is commonly used for sheds, porches, or home add-ons, but they are gaining popularity as roofs for modern homes.


It’s likely that shed roofs are growing in popularity because there are many pros to them: They are inexpensive to construct because they don’t require a lot of materials compared to a gambrel, hip, or gable roofs.

Shed roofs are also ideal for having solar panels, or even a living roof on. Another pro is their steep slope allows rain and snow to run or slide off, which reduces damage and maintenance.


Compared to other styles like a gable, gambrel, or hip roofs, shed-style roofs don’t offer extra living space. If the pitch is too high, you may end up with low ceilings.

Shed roofs with a steep pitch are also not recommended for areas that experience high winds, which isn’t a concern in Edmonton. Many homes in the Edmonton area have shed-style roofs.

Roofing Materials to Use for a Shed Roof

The best roofing material for this style of roof depends on its pitch (or slope). For steeply pitched roofs, shed-building experts recommend concrete, interlocking tiles because they will remain waterproof at that angle. Shingles or tiles can be used on shed roofs with a 10 to 20 degree pitch.

Cedar shake shingles are also an attractive option for a shed roof Since you won’t need as many of them for this simple style of roof, the cost can be affordable, especially for a small home, patio or a storage shed.

For relatively flat roofs with a pitch of less than 10 degrees, we suggest flat roof materials or metal. On residential low slopes it is strongly suggested to go with a 2 Ply SBS flat roof system so you don’t have to worry about it for years to come.

Roofing Materials Not to Use

In contrast to the best roofing materials for your shed-style roof, the worst roofing material to use is roll roofing. Roll roofing is similar to asphalt shingles except that it’s thinner and comes in strips that allow for quicker installation.

While it is inexpensive and will work for a shed roof with a small pitch, roll roofing is not very durable. It will only last about five to eight years and it can tear if there are changes to the roof structure. Another downside is it is not very attractive there are very few colour options.

If you are looking for something simple, economical, and eco-friendly, a shed style roof is a great option for you.

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