Why is it important to remove snow from your roof?

Removing snow from your roof is one way of making sure that you will not have to repair your roof once winter is gone. Generally, snow should be removed once it forms a layer of about 6 inches on the roof.

The reason why this method works is that it prevents excessive build up of ice on the roof and also prevents the formation of ice dams. Less snow means that less stress is applied on the roof and this helps prevent roof damage.

Here are some other reasons why snow removal is so important:

To prevent blocked vents and formation of ice dams 

Snow does not flow like water, hence it will settle on the roof. If the snow fall is consistent, it means that it will completely cover the roof surface. If this continues to happen every time it snows, and if you fail to have it removed, you will end up with blocked vents. This will affect the ventilation of your ceiling space (or attic) and the furnace heat in your home will create condensation above your ceiling, which could lead to damage down the road.

local-snow-removal-services-companyTo prevent damaged to eavestroughs

Eavestroughs play a functional role during rainy weather as they provide a channel for water to drain off your roof to the main drainage system. If snow is allowed to accumulate during winter, it ends filling the eavestroughs making them heavy, and in some cases, breaking them.

This then means that during the rainy season, water will not be channeled to the main drainage system. The water that the roof sheds off will fall along the foundation of your house, and as it gets absorbed, it leads to basement leaking. Where the intensity of the rain is high, the leaking may develop and cause basement flooding.

In addition, damaged eavestroughs ruin the appearance of your home. This is just another reason why you need to get rid of the snow before it accumulates to a level that will cause these complications.

To keep excess weight off your roof

The structure of your roof is designed in such a way that it has the ideal amount of weight that it can hold comfortably. Any excess of the ideal weight stresses the roof and increases the chances of the structure of the roof getting damaged. Very heavy snow weights can cause so much pressure to the roof that it caves in. This ruins the structure of your home not to mention the fact that your household items will be damaged.

In the worst case scenario, the caving can cause injury to your family and you!