What to Look for in a Roofing Contractor

The roof is one of the most important structures of the home. So, when it needs to be repaired or replaced, you should only trust a reputable, certified roofing contractor. Finding a reputable, qualified roofer can be more difficult than you think, but there are certain guidelines that can help you find the best roofer possible. These guidelines include:

  • Membership and participation in professional associations
  • A physical address and valid contact information
  • Valid references
  • The ability to provide a contract and warranty

Membership and Participation in Professional Associations

Reputable contractors are certified and members of professional associations. A roofing business should be registered with several associations, including:

  • Trade associations or national and local roofing contractor associations (e.g. National Roofing Contractors Association or the Canadian Roofing Contractors Association)
  • Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB)
  • Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Membership with these associations can establish reputability. It can’t, however, establish the quality of a contractor’s service, so pay attention to a contractor’s standing with these associations. They should especially be in good standing with the BBB and WCB. Additionally, check for complaints or other issues with the contractor. Membership to some of these associations is crucial to service quality. For example, registration with the WCB can establish that your roofer is following industry insurance guidelines, they have liability insurance and offer insurance on their products and contractors.

A Physical Address and Valid Contact Information

Every serious company should have a physical address and valid contact information. Even though roofing contractors don’t work in an office, a permanent business address can help provide proof of their validity. Plus, it can make it easier to reach the contractor if you need future service. Valid contact information and dedicated customer service can also make it easier for you to reach the contractor, set up service and get answers to your questions.

Valid References

Real or valid references is one of the top ways to check the quality of a contractor’s work. Satisfied customers are often willing to share their experiences with a company, so ask your roofer for references. Additionally, look for online reviews from past customers. Contact these past customers and ask questions about workmanship and service quality. Remember, these reviews should be fair and honest.

The Ability to Provide a Contract and Warranty

A reputable Edmonton roofing contractor, like Crest Roofing, will always provide a contract and guarantee for their work. Contracts are important because they provide an outline of pricing and job specifications. When working with a roofing contractor, always ask for a contract, written estimate and insurance policy. Of course, with reputable companies like our own, you won’t have to worry about these things. We provide top quality roofing at fair prices and are a great choice for roofing in Edmonton. Call us for a quote today!

Preventing Commercial Roofing Disasters

Commercial buildings are more complicated than residential roofing and so the cost is usually higher for repairs and replacements.

Oftentimes, contractors bid for jobs at lower prices to compete for the contract, which can end up resulting in big losses for the customer.

Here’s a recent project gone wrong that highlights the importance of using a good roofing contractor!

Last year we urgently repaired a commercial building roof near Lloydminster AB, which was a job previously done by another company.

Usually it is not possible to save money from PVC mechanically fastened roof systems; however this particular contractor cut significant dollars at the cost of quality.

They pocketed money by not installing 5 ft. sheets of perimeter flashings on the outer roof edges and using ¼ of the fasteners required.

This resulted in serious wind damage. The high wind pressure lifted the roof up.

Also, reusing old metal caps on the edges that detached from the walls caused the roof to blow into the wind.

The minute the fasteners pulled out, the roof self destructed in minutes.

The roofing contractor got involved in a lawsuit to cover damages, a huge waste of time and money for the owner.

There are many similar horror stories, so beware of very low bidders!

This goes double for Alberta commercial roofing projects because we live in a very windy place.

We recommend you always consider at least 3 bids before assigning a contractor to your project.

Why is it important to remove snow from your roof?

Removing snow from your roof is one way of making sure that you will not have to repair your roof once winter is gone. Generally, snow should be removed once it forms a layer of about 6 inches on the roof.

The reason why this method works is that it prevents excessive build up of ice on the roof and also prevents the formation of ice dams. Less snow means that less stress is applied on the roof and this helps prevent roof damage.

Here are some other reasons why snow removal is so important:

To prevent blocked vents and formation of ice dams 

Snow does not flow like water, hence it will settle on the roof. If the snow fall is consistent, it means that it will completely cover the roof surface. If this continues to happen every time it snows, and if you fail to have it removed, you will end up with blocked vents. This will affect the ventilation of your ceiling space (or attic) and the furnace heat in your home will create condensation above your ceiling, which could lead to damage down the road.

local-snow-removal-services-companyTo prevent damaged to eavestroughs

Eavestroughs play a functional role during rainy weather as they provide a channel for water to drain off your roof to the main drainage system. If snow is allowed to accumulate during winter, it ends filling the eavestroughs making them heavy, and in some cases, breaking them.

This then means that during the rainy season, water will not be channeled to the main drainage system. The water that the roof sheds off will fall along the foundation of your house, and as it gets absorbed, it leads to basement leaking. Where the intensity of the rain is high, the leaking may develop and cause basement flooding.

In addition, damaged eavestroughs ruin the appearance of your home. This is just another reason why you need to get rid of the snow before it accumulates to a level that will cause these complications.

To keep excess weight off your roof

The structure of your roof is designed in such a way that it has the ideal amount of weight that it can hold comfortably. Any excess of the ideal weight stresses the roof and increases the chances of the structure of the roof getting damaged. Very heavy snow weights can cause so much pressure to the roof that it caves in. This ruins the structure of your home not to mention the fact that your household items will be damaged.

In the worst case scenario, the caving can cause injury to your family and you!

Why doesn’t Crest Roofing require money up front?

Asphalt home roofing

More and more roofing contractors are asking for a down payment before starting their roofing work. The deposit amount can be anywhere from 10 to 50 percentage of the total roofing cost.

Crest Roofing in Edmonton does not require any money up front!

When you go about hiring a roofing contractor for any type of roofing job, they should be a roofing company that has been around long enough and solvent enough to have good credit standing with the suppliers.

Crest Roofing is successful and financially stable enough that we don’t depend on money up front for new roof work to be done. I have enough cash (and credit) available to buy supplies and pay my employees to get started.

Paying deposits and paying chunks of money in advance as the how to roof contractor goes along means you are giving up a lot of leverage if problems develop.

At least this way if the contractor walks off the job, goes under, or otherwise, you are the rightful owner of all new roof materials on site.

We want your roof roofing job to be as comfortable as possible for you. The last thing you need to worry about is someone running away with your money.

Crest Roofing Edmonton completes many large a roofing jobs, without requiring money to get started, and we ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their new roof!

Is Crest Roofing covered by WCB?

Crest Roofing & Co, a professional roofing company in Edmonton, Alberta is definitely covered by the Workers Compensation Board (WCB).

It is unlawful in the province of Alberta to do contract roofing work without a WCB account. WCB actually protects the home owner or building owner so in case of an accidental injury as a result of your roof work, the injured roofing worker cannot hold the home owner accountable.

The information below is as provided by WCB Alberta is listed here for your convenience for when we show you how to roof; you can also find it on their website.

You can request clearances or monitor a roofing subcontractor; you have two options:

  • Sign up for my WCB
  • Request a clearance without signing in

Your responsibility for contractors is as follows:

If you hire companies (for example to put on a new roof) you are responsible for their workers’ compensation insurance unless they:

  • have their own valid WCB account,
  • are operating as a limited or incorporated company, or
  • are performing the work as:
  • an employer in that industry,

What is a clearance?

A clearance is a letter from WCB that states that a roof contractor’s account is in good standing, clearing you of liability should the contractor default on premiums. A clearance letter also authorizes you to release final payment on a specified contract.

Who needs a clearance?

If the companies you hire for the roof have their own WCB accounts it is your responsibility to ensure that the accounts are in good standing. A clearance fulfills this responsibility, relieving you of liability for your contractor’s premiums.

When is a clearance required?

A clearance is required when a company you hire for the roof has a WCB account. You should obtain a clearance prior to releasing any payments to the companies you hire.

Why am I responsible for my contractor’s unpaid premiums?

Holding you responsible for unpaid premiums ensures WCB’s insurance fund is maintained at a sufficient level to pay worker benefits. Using clearances ensures that each employer contributes their fair share.