Top 7 Things to Consider When Hiring an Edmonton Roofing Contractor

Installing a new roof or undertaking a major repair is a huge investment. Therefore, before giving the job to any one of many Edmonton roofing contractors, you need to do your homework.

You need to study the credentials of potential roofing contractors and check for any complaints from disgruntled clients. You should be skeptical of any bids that sound too good to be true as they usually are.

Getting the right contractor at the first time requires investment in both money and time. This is because there are many companies claiming to be the best.

The following are 7 things to consider when hiring an Edmonton roofing contractor:

1) Permits and Licenses

Alberta laws demand that roofing contractors have licenses in order to carry out roofing jobs. Therefore, before hiring one you must check for a roofing license. A license is a basic certification that indicates competence of a contractor. This is because for one to acquire the license there is a procedure set out that shows experience and skills.

residential-roofing-contractors-company2) Insurance Coverage

Good roofing contractors in Edmonton will have comprehensive workers compensation coverage (WCB) and liability insurance. Before starting the job, you should see a copy of their insurance certificate. It is necessary in case a mishap or accident occurs on the job. If an accident happens and the contractor does not have insurance, then you as homeowner may be liable for all the costs.

3) Roofing Experience

You need to know how many years they have been in the Edmonton roofing business. Ask for references and examples of their recent completed projects. After getting this information, you should call their customers to find out whether they were satisfied with their work. If you find a contractor that is unwilling to provide such information that should be a warning for you.

4) Warranties and Guarantees 

A good roofing contractor should offer a warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. Check out its duration and coverage. A five-year or more is a good warranty. You should get a copy of the warranty from the contractor or company. This is important in case you want to make a claim any time in the future.

5) Check Your Local Better Business Bureau (BBB)

From the BBB, you will be able to gather information about a particular roofing contractor. Check if there are any complaints that have been filed against the contractor before and the nature of the complaint.

6) Payment Terms and Estimates

Roofing companies should provide their customers with written estimates. Estimates should include materials needed, nature of work, estimated completion date, and total cost. This will protect you from any erroneous charges.

7) Physical Location

You need to know the physical location of the contractor or company and all other contact information. This will make it possible to get in touch in case there is a problem for any Edmonton roof repairs.

Installing a roof is an important job and you should not allow anyone to mislead you. This is because a roof is an important home structure. Hiring an expert contractor or a reputable roofing company will ensure your job is done well the first time.