curved roof roofing types

What is a Curved Roof?

Curved roofs are a newer roof design where the intention is to create a unique aesthetic rather than improve the function or durability of the roof. This style is for the homeowner or business that is all about the wow factor and standing out from the crowd. Curved roofs are great for homes, garages, cottages, and even stables.

The design of the curved roof is basic; they are essentially a curved shed-style roof. See some examples of curved roofs here.


Curved roofs are rare, interesting, and modern, but they behave much like a basic shed roof. They consist of one large surface, which is moderately wind resistant and relatively low maintenance.

The major difference and main draw is its look. Humans are attracted to curves and a curved roof on a home will definitely get noticed.


Depending on the design of the curve or how a curved portion of a roof is incorporated into the rest of the home’s design, this kind of roof can be expensive to build.

Another issue to watch out for is whether or not your roof has enough slope to allow water and snow to run off.

Roofing Materials to Use for a Curved Roof

Since this type of roof is one continuous, curved surface, metal sheeting is the best roofing material to use. Metal can be molded to the curve of the roof, so it will be waterproof because of the lack of seams.

Roofing Materials Not to Use

You should avoid using roofing materials that won’t sit flush against a curved roof’s surface. That would include clay tiles, concrete tiles, slate tiles, and ceramic tiles.

Curved roofs offer an aesthetic appeal like no other and have a truly modern look both inside and out. You’ll be the talk of the town if you decide to live in or build a home with a curved roof. With virtually no downsides the question to ask yourself would be, “Do I really want all the attention?”

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