What is a Dutch Gable Roof?

Dutch gable roofs are a type of hip roof that combine a hip roof with a gable roof. It has four downward sloping sides and is topped with a gable roof, also called a gablet.

This style of roof came from Europe in the 14th to 17th centuries, but since these roofs offer great protection and durability in tropical weather, they are commonly built just about everywhere, from the Bahamas to North America. There are many dutch gable roofed homes in Edmonton.


Hip roofs typically have less attic space than gable roofs, and gable roofs typically have long eaves that hang over the house, reducing the amount of sunlight that gets into the home, which can mean higher heating bills. Dutch gable roofs combine hip and gable roofs and solve both of those problems and are more interesting and attractive to look at as well.
You also have the option of adding a window to the gablet, which gives greater ventilation and added light.


Construction of a Dutch gable roof isn’t quite as straightforward as a simple hip or gable roof. There are different pitches to think about, straight walls in the gablets, and essentially you’re building a roof on top of a roof, so there are more materials needed.
Another thing to pay attention to when covering a Dutch gable is waterproofing. Joining the two types of roofs means that the places where they meet can be places where water or snow can pool or build up, so you’ll need to make sure that those joints are sealed, properly shingled, and fully waterproof.

Roofing Materials to Use

You aren’t limited to a certain roofing material when building or replacing a Dutch gable roof. Shingles, wood shakes, concrete, slate or clay tiles are all options available and each has its own lifespan, cost, and aesthetic appeal. That said, metal roofing is lightweight and great for waterproofing, so if you don’t mind the extra cost, a metal roof is recommended for a Dutch gable roof.

Roofing Materials Not to Use

Asphalt shingles are a popular choice in Edmonton for Dutch gable roofs, but they won’t last as long as metal roofing, and they don’t offer the same level of water protection.

If you must use asphalt shingles, consider adding a waterproof roof coating.

Dutch gable roofs are a stylish, practical option in roof design. Click here to see some elegant, modern Dutch gable roofed homes. If you like what you see, the Dutch gable might be the one for you.

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