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What is a Jerkinhead Roof?

A jerkinhead roof looks like a gable roof with clipped peaks, so it makes sense that it’s also known as a clipped gable. Still others know this roofing style as a “”Dutch hip.”” Whatever you call it, this roof has two large sides and two very small ones.

Some lovely, modern homes with jerkinhead roofs can be found here on Houzz.
This simple variation of the gable roof was very popular in the US during the 1900s to 1940s and was mostly used for homes. Since it is a practical, simple, and better looking roof than a simple hip or gable, it was used on all types of structures and continues to be a popular choice for buildings today, especially on cottages and bungalows.


Simplicity, a bit of creativity, and its stability are some of the reasons why people are drawn to the jerkinhead. It’s an old-world style that can easily be updated and used in combination with other roof styles.
It’s an easy style to dress up too. One could add dormers or windows to add a bit more light or flair. The Jerkinhead is also more stable than the hip or gable roof, because “cutting off the ends” makes the roof more wind resistant.
This roof also gives you lots of room underneath for extra storage or living space.


On its own, the jerkinhead is a practical, attractive choice, but there are a few ways it falls short when compared to other roofs.
Because the ends are clipped, there isn’t as much storage space as a gable roof. It’s also harder to access the inside of the roof, which can make maintenance and repairs difficult.

Roofing Materials to Use

You can use just about any roofing material you desire for a jerkinhead roof. You probably wouldn’t want to go with tar and gravel because it might not look too great, but asphalt shingles, clay shingles, concrete or slate tiles, wood shakes, etc. are all good choices. You’re sure to find something that fits your style and budget.
Need help deciding? Learn about the types of roofing materials.

If you take a drive through Edmonton, you’ll see that we seem to be big fans of the jerkinhead. They’re everywhere! So if you like what you see, maybe the jerkinhead roof is your kind of roof!

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